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Northwestern Memorial Hospital and other major medical centers have recently changed their policy regarding photography and videotaping in Labor and Delivery. This change has obviously been precipitated by the malpractice climate, where taped content from deliveries has been edited or taken out of context in attempts to create litigation. Photographing and videotaping of patients in Labor and Delivery may be conducted before and after delivery of the infant. The following may not be photographed or videotaped:


  • Any procedure before, during, or after the delivery, including but not limited to the epidural placement and episiotomy repair.
  • Delivery of the infant.
  • Evaluation or resuscitation of the infant.

We apologize for the inconvenience to you, but we will support the hospital policy.

Instructions for the final weeks of pregnancy:

      You are now entering the last few weeks of your pregnancy. Your condition is no different now than it was a week ago. Therefore, you may continue everything you have been doing as long as it is comfortable, safe, and desirable. This includes activities such as sexual intercourse and bathing. It is important for you to know where and when to call with regard to going to the hospital. Always call the office. There is a 24-hour service for the telephone. One of our group is always available to meet your needs.


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